Nest Moon Shaped Bamboo stick

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Bamboo Sticks

Moon Shaped Bamboo Sticks

Brand : Nest

Nest Moon Shaped Bamboo stick

Product Description

Made from 100% Natural bamboo, a sustainable material & environmentally-friendly. Perfect for fruit, desserts, cooked food and much more,Cocktail sticks are splinter free,easy to prop the food. Made from sustainable sources. These bamboo roasting sticks are biodegradable and environment friendly. Once you've finished they could be thrown into the campfire - no cleaning and no mess. Great use as party frilled, cocktail sticks, finger food picks, bento food picks or buffet food picks


Size : 9 cm Eco-Friendly

Shape : Moon Shaped bamboo

Package : Stick with nest packing

Quantity : 50 pcs Inside

Material used : Bamboo

Brand : Nest

Made in PRC

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