Porcelain Marble Dinner Set

KD 31.500

Brand : Nest

Porcelain dinner set

Suitable for Dining

Porcelain Marble Dinner Set

Product Description

Porcelain is actually a very refined type of ceramic. Marble Dinner set is easy to assemble. It comes in nice package So we can use for gifts. Impress your guests with an elegant tablescape anchored by this premium set. Porcelain marble dinner set suitable for dining.

It Consists of 25 Pieces.


Colour: White With Grey Marble and Rosal

It includes : 6 Main Dishes

6 Dishes to eat Sweet

6 Cups

6 Dishes for the Soup

1 Dish for the Salad

Material used : Porcelain

Care instruction : Dishwasher

Brand: Nest

Made In PRC

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